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Le restaurant chez Cécile à La Grande Verrière

Le restaurant est fermé le mercredi soir

Its opening dated April 1st, 1976, date of resumption “of the Leon”. Tradition obliges, on April 1st remains the only day of the year when you will know in advance the plat du jour: the “Joint of pork to the lenses of Cecile”. In a family atmosphere, the Chief Mathieu GUILLON will make you discover a kitchen whichmixes user-friendliness, ideal flavours and speed if need be for your lunches with the menu of the day. Discover also our menu with the refined andcopious choice, which is also our map. This one is diversified the every day and proposes traditionaland original flavours to you… Very to like greediest. And of course we have our menu “Counts of Country” which for the children of the “Country” is called the four morvandiaux hours.

We do not have a particular menu for the children,the proposal is the same one as for the adults, butthese are the dear blond which choose what theyeat.

For all particular requests (meal of family, meal ofbusiness, birthday, baptism,…) or a snail desire orfrog thighs, do not hesitate to contact us. We have also theme parties organized between November and March.

Our Chief​, Mathieu Guillon

Mathieu Guillon recovered the reins of the kitchen of the hotel restaurant of the Post office in 2008. Its course starts in 1998, it starts likeapprentice pastrycook “With weakness” withEpinac while following courses To the CenterJean Lameloise to Mercurey. In 2000, It continuous its training at the restaurant “Ursulines” in Autun. It will become made there and will obtain there even a place of Second of kitchen in 2006 after having supplemented itsexperiment during 1 year in Lavandou (South)then during 2 years in Lyon (the Rotunda).

This young chief proposes a local cuisine or in other words “well of on our premises” with rich and balanced plates. The full satisfaction of the customer is in the center of the concerns of this chief who knewto prove to his dear mother “the Cecile” that thechanging was quite assured. He does not hesitate besides to come to greet each one of his guests at the end of their meal to collect their impressions.

La cuisine du chef